Alicia is a game changer when it comes to physical and emotional wellbeing. She has helped my son cope with cancer and the emotional stresses that coincided with his care. She helped him find a healthy balance through nutrition, introducing him to mediation, and encouraged prayer. She taught him how to listen to his body so he would know if he wasn’t feeling balanced, and what he needed to do toempower himself with using his coping skills to support his self-careduring his road to recovery and healing. Alicia has taught my whole family the importance of what it means to be healthy.

Alicia has a great insight for creating a higher-level of emotional wellbeing. Her approach is a whole approach that works on all aspects for being healthy. Being healthy is not just being physically or mentally healthy, it is about a complete feeling of Well-Being. She teaches you about body awareness and she encourages you to find physical health through regular exercise which is important for developing a strong body composition for a healthy heart and stamina. But more importantly Alicia encourages a gradual consistent approach to finding balance and making positive behavioral life changes so you don’t get overwhelmed with too many changes at one time. Alicia is also very passionate in helping others develop the tools for better sleep hygiene.

I don’t know what we would have done without Alicia’s insight during a very difficult couple of years. It took me sometime to realize that everything Alicia taught my family was not just treating the physical or emotionalwellbeing each separately on its own, buthelping us understand how it is all connected and related to the whole. Alicia offers great knowledge and insight, and has literally been “A LIFE SAVER” to our family. Thank you, Alicia, for teaching us how to be strong!


Through kindness and a wealth of knowledge, Alicia shows her passion for holistic healing. She made my healing process easy with attainable, step-by-step goals that allowed me to overcome more than I ever thought possible. It is truly a blessing to have such a friend and mentor to guide me through life’s trials with patience and compassion.
Thanks for all you do!