Your WholeHealth Intensive is about understanding and then releasing past behavioral patterns as it relates to eating habits, lifestyle choices, and managing everyday life that is no longer relevant for the life you desire to live.  Changes in habits take time because its more than just the behaviors needing adjusting.  There may also be a need for changing old belief systems, the ones we learned early in life but no longer serve current values or the lifestyle you so very much desire.  This program is all about getting real with your overall health so you are able to create a tool kit of Self-care practices that lead to a life feeling energized, happy, and supported. 

Over the next six months, you will discover the New You as you explore what it looks like to nourish your Whole-self.  Finding clarity around what may be holding you back from creating that healthy lifestyle with permanent sustainable positive changes.  Remember, recognition and awareness is the first step in creating change! Taking that personal journey forward is what will take you to bring changes to your Wellbeing as you continue to peel away the layers of heaviness in all aspects of your life.I will support you in developing personal accountability to yourself as you continue on the path for creating lasting positive behavioral and lifestyle changes.  What does “WholeHealth” and bringing “Your Wellbeing” to Life look like to you?

Let’s explore and walk this path together….…

Package includes:

  • Opening Sessions begin with a grounding through breath work and meditation clearing
  • 24 – 60 Minute coaching sessions
  • Personalized goal setting action plan
  • Guided menu plan based on Your dietary objectives and needs
  • Personal guidance for stress-reducing techniques
  • Personal guidance in techniques for creating more restorative sleep
  • One to one support via phone, Zoom, or in-person
  • Unlimited email and text support during the program
  • Educational resources to support you on your journey to wellness
  • Free Gift – 5-day Digestive Care Reset Program