This program is all about taking a deeper dive into what it means to Bring “Your Wellbeing to Life” by peeling away the layers of heaviness in all aspects of your life.  You will create your own personal tool kit for overcoming emotional eating, managing your weight and stress, and for better sleep.  All the ingredients needed for living a healthy and vibrant life.  This program is not about dieting, but of self-care and tending to your inner garden by adding more whole foods into your daily diet.  You will learn approaches to creating healthier lifestyle habits and eliminating behaviors that no longer serve you.  I view “wellbeing” like pulling weeds so your garden can flourish bringing back balance and feelings of Wholeness. 

Over the next 90 days, You will discover a new sense of what it feels like to not only be physically lighter but emotionally lighter as well. Your energy levels will increase, by giving you that renewed feeling of increased energy and inner strength.  Supporting you in developing personal accountability to yourself as you continue your journey in creating lasting positive behavioral and lifestyle changes. This is where you bring YOUR LIFE to WELLBEING!  So, let’s get started as you continue to rewrite your story of living in Wholeness!

Shall we…

Package includes:

  • Opening Sessions begin with a grounding through breath work and meditation clearing
  • 12 -60 Minute coaching sessions
  • Personalized goal setting action plan
  • Guided menu plan based on Your dietary objectives and needs
  • Personal guidance for stress-reducing techniques
  • Personal guidance in techniques for creating more restorative sleep
  • One to one support via phone, Zoom, or in-person
  • Unlimited email and text support during the program
  • Educational resources to support you on your journey to wellness
  • Free Gift – 5-day Digestive Care Reset Program