WholeHealth JumpStart ToThe New You

This program is all about creating a “fresh start”.   Are you ready to take control of your sugar addiction and cravings in order to revitalize your energy level so you can bring back the feelings of balance and overall wellbeing into your life? If so, then this 30-day JumpStart may be just what you are looking for. Over the next 30 days, you will discover a new sense of what it feels like to not only be physically lighter but emotionally lighter as well.  Your energy levels will increase giving you that renewed feeling of inner strength to start on your journey to creating lasting behavioral and lifestyle changes for creating the life you were meant to live.  So let’s get started and rewrite your story!

Package includes:

  • Opening grounding breath work and meditation clearing
  • 4 -90 Minute coaching sessions
  • Personalized goal setting action plan
  • 30 day guided menu plan based on Your dietary goals and needs
  • One to one support via phone, Zoom, or in-person
  • Unlimited email and text support during the program
  • Educational resources to support you on your journey to wellness
  • Free Gift – 5-day digestive care reset program